Sunday, February 28

Stormy Day

It was cloudy most of the day and sprinkled on and off. There was a good 5 minutes of crazy storming though! We had just about nonstop thunder 15 minutes before and then all of a sudden it started pouring like sideways rain! We were looking out back and it was hailing really hard too! I love rainy days and getting random storms like this since we don't get them too often. Excuse the messy backyard, Hurley doesn't clean up after himself.

Saturday, February 27

Phoenix Open

I come from a family of golfers. My uncle has done landscaping for golf courses since I can remember. Another uncle is a GM at a golf course. My sister worked at one for a long time as the events manager, met her husband there who was an assistant golf pro. My dad, other sister, brother, other brother in law, and Anthony ALL GOLF! So my mom and I don't really fit in since we've never been into it. My sister and brother in law had extra free tickets to the open and we decided to go. I thought it was going to be so boring but it actually turned out to be a fun time. We couldn't bring in phones or cameras so I had to get a picture online. This is one of the guys who Anthony slapped hands with and he came in 2nd. Puma sponsored him so I liked watching him.

Friday, February 26

Bath Time

Even though I didn't take this picture, I'm still using it as my POTD. Today Mason got his first bath and he did not like it one bit! He was pretty drained afterwards and fell asleep with his Mommy. It's amazing how much he has changed in just 5 days!

Thursday, February 25

Frozen Yogurt

There's a place called Desert Swirl that has the best frozen yogurt! When Anthony and I lived with our parents, their houses were like 4 miles apart and Desert Swirl was right in the middle. We use to get it all the time since I'm such a huge ice cream fan and it wasn't too bad for you. Tonight we were at his parents for dinner and he decided to stop on the way home for dessert. MmmMMmmm it was delicious!

Wednesday, February 24

Red Potatoes

Anthony and I made a steak dinner tonight since I get off early enough to do it now! He asked for a baked potatoe but when I went to the store I decided to get red potatoes instead. My mom didn't use them much when I was growing up so I was trying to figure out when I started liking them so much. 3 or 4 years ago, we went to MN to stay with my sister for the first time and her and I would always cook dinner. I remember one of the first nights there we made really yummy red potatoes and now whenever I have them I think of her. Now I know why I enjoy having them so much!

Tuesday, February 23

CGC Certified

Tonight Hurley took his Canine Good Citizen test at Petsmart. I looked into the CGC test before I even had him and thought it'd be cool to have a dog that was certified. The advanced class that he graduated from focused on all the behaviors CGC tests for. I didn't think he could pass it because he pulls on the leash terribly in Petsmart and he can't walk by another dog without freaking out. Luckily though he did good enough and passed!! I was so excited and bought him this big bone to celebrate.

Monday, February 22


Today I started my new job and was ecstatic to get home and it still be daylight outside! My first day went well but I will definitely have to get adjusted to getting up so early! First thing this morning I was really questioning if I was going to like the new schedule but when I got home it was totally worth it.

Sunday, February 21

I'm an Aunt!!!

Mason John was born at 10:41am at 9 lbs 7 ounces and 21.5 inches long! My sister went into labor yesterday morning at 3:30 so he took 32 hours to get here! Today is also my mom's birthday so she got her first grandchild for her gift. They are both doing great and I can't wait until April to meet him!

Even though nothing else compares to him being born, today I also went to the Petsmart Petwalk with Samantha and Justine. Samantha brought her boyfriend's dog Sadie (the white fluff ball), Justine brought Jack (the German Shepard going through the agility course) and I brought Hurley. We walked a 5k and it was a lot of fun! Hurley was extremely exhausted from the day and passed out in the car.

Saturday, February 20

Bridal Shower Invitations

A friend of mine is the maid of honor in our friends wedding so today we worked on her shower invitations. Her wedding color is Tiffany blue and the shower theme is "Breakfast at Tiffany's." They were pretty easy and I think turned out great. I designed the invitation in Photoshop and was super proud of myself for it!

Friday, February 19

My Silly Boy

Okay I made it almost the whole week without doing a picture of Hurley! Sometimes he's weird and will hold his bones in his mouth without eating them. I've been trying to get a picture of it the whole year and today I finally got one! He's a very silly boy.

Thursday, February 18

Goodbye Everest!

Today was my last day at Everest and it was my boss's last day too. I was a lot more bummed than I was expecting to be. My boss was the best and I loved working for him so much. I also made a wonderful friend, Bethany, and I don't know how I'm going to survive not seeing her everyday! I kept it together for most of the day and only cried when my boss left. Then I bawled like a baby the whole way home. I started having thoughts of "what if I did the wrong thing?" and got a lot of anxiety about the choice I made. I didn't feel like taking a picture when I got home so I decided to use a team picture from Sept when times were much happier there...

Wednesday, February 17

New Scale

One thing I really wanted for my birthday/Christmas was a scale and I didn't get one. I finally ordered one from Amazon that got really good reviews. When I was living at my parents they had one that was way off! I'm really going to focus on eating healthier and exercising more now that I don't have the working late excuse. This will definitely help!

Tuesday, February 16

Tiring Day

Today the girl who is replacing me started so she will be sitting with me for the next three days training. I got home and was exhausted!! I didn't realize 8 hours straight of talking with someone would take it out of me. I got home and was so excited to see my comfy bed and pillow waiting for me.

Monday, February 15

Clean at Last!

My scrapbook room/office has been a disaster for quite some time...In Novemeber my sister came over to work on Christmas tags so I moved a bunch of my stuff out to my kitchen to work with her. Then last month we made my sister's baby shower thank you's and again I was in the kitchen. When I cleaned up I would literally throw it in a bag or just dump it on my desk. My goal for today was to get it all cleaned and I did! My dad also came over to hang my stuff from Ikea that I've had for over a year! The wire to hang things on is literally my favorite thing ever!

Sunday, February 14

Statue Dog

Okay after today, no more pictures of Hurley for awhile! He's kind of a weirdo when I put his harness on...He turns into a statue and WILL NOT move unless I get the leash and pull him. He stood like this for over 10 minutes while I got ready for our walk. It was exactly a year ago today that I went to pick out my puppy and chose him because he gave kisses and the cute white spot on his chest. I didn't get to bring him home for another week but I remember how excited I was after picking him...I think I picked the perfect pup!

Saturday, February 13

I'm so Proud!

Today was Hurley's graduation from his advanced training class! It doesn't seem possible that we've been through 22 weeks of training at Petsmart. I'm very proud of Hurley for doing so well and also of myself for sticking to it and really committing to getting him trained. He hates those grad caps but he left his on for a long time and let me get a bunch of cute pictures.

We also celebrated Valentine's Day today and went for our first couple's massage! I wanted my POTD to be of the front of the spa but I was so relaxed and noodley when we got done that I totally forgot. It was a great day all around!

Friday, February 12

Girls Night Out

Anthony's cousin Ashley got engaged last weekend and wanted to go out for a girls night for drinks. We went to Top Shelf with his aunts, grandma, and some of her friends. I wasn't too excited to go because I was tired, but it turned out to be lots of fun! So much fun I actually forgot to take a picture today so I had to steal one from the website...Oh well! It was a great girls night and I'm so happy for her and her fiance!

Thursday, February 11


Today I had a really bad day at work. I decided I wanted to get a Jack in the Box shake for dinner...Hurley loves going there because they give him dog treats in the drive thru and he gets to eat 2 cherries! He's gotten so good at waiting for treats so I made him sit for like 5 minutes for the first cherry!

Wednesday, February 10

My Two ♥

So a few months ago Hurley started sitting up with his front paws off the ground. He likes us to scratch his chest and he sits up on his butt. Anthony thinks it is hilarious and I was trying to get a picture of him sitting up. Didn't work...Hurley's eye is messed up and I could not fix it in PS. Oh well!

Tuesday, February 9

The Joy of a Puppy

My brother rescued this little guy last week. His name is Hunter and he's very cute. It brings back memories when Hurley was this little. No matter what is going on, a puppy can always cheer me up instantly!

That Hurley Face

Hurley has a way of looking at me and melting my heart! He knows if he just gives me a sad look he can get anything he wants from me. It's hard to believe a year ago it was just Anthony and me in the house! It was so lonely! I'm so grateful that I have a wonderful pup to come home to.

Sunday, February 7


My parents have a huge Superbowl party every year and have been doing it for 19 years now. Everyone we know comes over and even my friends like their party better than any other. This year was smaller than normal (if you consider 30+ small) but it was nice. I watched less than 5 minutes of the game and caught up with some family that I haven't seen in awhile. This is my mom and me at the very end...We were both tired and ready for bed!

Saturday, February 6

First Photo Assignment

My first photo assignment for my digital photography class is due this weekend. I had to find a circle, square, and line in nature and get the correct exposure. I went to my parents backyard since they have an acre, green grass, and plenty of trees and flowers. I was so excited to learn the different features of my camera with the exposure and focus. I am pretty proud of myself - hopefully I get a good grade!

Friday, February 5

Guard Dog

Anthony and I didn't agree about getting Hurley...He thought it was way too soon for us to get a puppy and that he'd be too big for us. My main argument was that I hate being home alone and I couldn't sleep when Anthony would go over to his friends and stay until 2am. Tonight Anthony went to his friends to watch a game and I felt totally fine at home since I have Hurley now! He loves it when Anthony is gone because he gets to snuggle up with me on the couch and he has his own pillow on the bed! He's still really stubborn with the camera but oh well!

Thursday, February 4

2 Weeks Notice - Yuck

I put in my two weeks notice today and it was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. I love my boss - he's the best person I've ever worked for and if he weren't getting promoted, I wouldn't be leaving. So telling him today was hard. He was sad and I felt really bad. After we talked I decided to get some air and I went to cry for a bit. I get so attached to people more than anything so I don't like change. I was expecting it to be a great day but it was more sad than anything.

Wednesday, February 3

New Job

Today I got the call from UTI and was offered a position, woo hoo! I will finally be back to working 8-5 and they offered me $1.50 raise, when I said I needed to make what I'm at now. Of course we had to go celebrate so we got Cold Stone MmmMMm.

Tuesday, February 2


I'm so excited that Lost is finally back on! I love this show so much even though last season they really confused me. I'm sad it is the last season but I'm excited to start getting some answers. I learned after last night that I'll have to start getting my accounting homework done on Mondays so I'm not up till midnight doing it.

Monday, February 1

It's Tax Time

I really wanted to get my taxes done today but I forgot my school tax stuff so I couldn't get it done. I decided to start it with my work W-2 and realized there's a lot of other receipts and forms I need to find as well. Oh well! I still have 2 months, I have plenty of time to find everything!