Wednesday, March 31

Finally Mr. Mason!!!

Tonight I finally got to meet Mason! He is absolutely amazing. He's so adorable and such a good baby. It's hard to believe that you can instantly love someone so much. I can't wait to watch him grow!

Tuesday, March 30

Penne Rosa

Tonight I made my favorite pasta dish, penne rosa! It's really simple and only has tomatoes, garlic, basil, and heavy cream but is DELICIOUS!!!

Monday, March 29


I'm totally in love with my new Droid! Tonight I went for a walk with Hurley and wanted to try some new apps. I was able to plug in headphones and listen to Pandora radio (no more need for my Ipod!) and I have a runner app that tracked time, distance, speed, altitude and charts all the info! I absolutely love the amazing things I can do with it, totally worth the extra $30 a month on the internet package!

Sunday, March 28

Picture Frames

This weekend I got really motivated to get cleaning and decorating. I got several frames for Christmas that I still hadn't hung up and we've been in our house almost 2 years and have way too many white walls! I went shopping for some frames, ending up hanging 11 frames with 16 pictures! This is one from a few years ago when we went to Discovery Cove with Anthony's family. This is my favorite picture of his family!

Saturday, March 27

More Maggie!

Anthony went up north to Prescott to go golfing today so I went to see Sam and Maggie for awhile. She's been working on training her and wanted me to show her how to start working on leave it. She's just 13 weeks and she is very smart! I took this picture on my new phone. I got the Droid and LOVE it!

Friday, March 26

My Cuddley Boy

Hurley is not usually a cuddler. He will lay on my but usually when I scratch his chest he thinks I'm trying to restrain him so he freaks out. Tonight he was super tired and fell asleep on me. He weights 100 lbs so it wasn't the most comfortable thing but I cuddle him whenever I get the chance!

Thursday, March 25

Woo hoo!

My sister and brother in law bought their plane tickets and will be here on Tuesday! I cannot wait to finally meet Mason!

Wednesday, March 24

Research Paper

I hate that I'm such a procrastinator but it's something I've always done. Tonight I managed to write a 6 page paper in about an hour and a half. I checked my classes and November I will finish my last class and I will finally have my Bachelor's degree!! I hope that my diploma comes before Dec 31 so it can be in my P365 album

Monday, March 22

Working Out

Tonight I went on a one mile speedwalk then did my Biggest Loser DVD. I've done it before but I hadn't bought the weights yet. Man they make a difference!

Sunday, March 21

My Silly Boy

I was taking the sheet off my bed to wash and I figured that I would have my clean made bed my POTD but Hurley had another idea. He was laying there excited since he's not allowed on the sheets ever and I figured when the mattress pad slung over him, he'd get off. He decided to stay curled up in the sheets for awhile!

Saturday, March 20

Bridal Shower

Today was my friend's bridal shower. Her wedding color is Tiffany blue so she had a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme. Everyone (almost) came in their little black dress and there were lots of pearls and sparkles! I usually dread going to showers but it was actually really fun!

Friday, March 19

Bridal Shower Card

I decided I had to have the sweethearts cartridge for a few wedding projects I'm doing and I'm so glad I got it! I made this card for Justine's shower tomorrow and I love how it came out!

Thursday, March 18

Meet Miss Maggie!!

My friend's celebrated their 5 year anniversary and Sam's gift was she got to go pick out a puppy! She's be doing research for months over what kind of dog she should get and she settled on an Australian Shepard. This is Maggie and she's 13 weeks. I got to meet her tonight and she is so sweet! She's really well behaved and so fluffy! I can't wait for her to get all her shots done so she can meet Hurley!

Wednesday, March 17

Happy St Patrick's Day

Jessica was so nice to send us a happy St Patrick's day picture of Mason! He looks so cute in green! They should be coming here within the next few weeks and I cannot wait to meet the little guy!

Tuesday, March 16

Hurley Bug

Since I don't get off until 7:00 on Tuesdays I think you will be seeing a lot of Mr. Hurley!

Monday, March 15

Mmm Chicken Pasta

I'm really living being able to cook at night now that I'm off at 5:00! Even when I use to get off work early we'd make the same thing over and over again so I'm trying to mix it up every week and not make the same thing too much. This is a really yummy light recipe that I found in a magazine...It's one of our favorites now!

Sunday, March 14

More photography assignment

Today while I was at my mom's I worked on the artificial backlit portraits. The guys in the family always play pool at my parents and I thought it'd be the perfect place to do these shots. The one is really dark but I like the seriousness of it since they get so into their games. Overall I'm happy with my shots and I'd love to hear your feedback, good or bad!

Saturday, March 13

Photography Assignment 2

My assignment was to take portraits that are backlit from a natural and artificial source. I also had to take portrait shots that focused on the shadow which I didn't get any that I loved. I asked my friend Samantha to be my model since she's fun and photgenic. I had Anthony come act in as her boyfriend since it's always more fun to photograph a couple than just one person! We had a lot of fun I'm happy with how they came out. I also thought going to the driving range would be good and I was extremely excited that those turned out great too. Let me know what you think, I love feedback!

Friday, March 12

Grandpa and Mason

My dad went to MN yesterday to spend a few days with Mason. My sister sent me this picture and I love it! It's very weird to see my dad with a baby since I'm the youngest. Looks like they've already got a good bond going!

Thursday, March 11


Anthony and I both have work potlucks tomorrow so I got us green cupcakes to bring since I didn't have time to make anything. They looked, and tasted, so yummy!

Wednesday, March 10


I've been in training this week at work and today I had to come up with a skit with my team. We decided to go buy UTI shirts for our costumes. I also bought a UTI polo that way I have something to wear with jeans on Fridays or with nice pants when I'm not feeling my other stuff. Our skit turned out really good too!

Tuesday, March 9

Our First Crockpot Dinner

My mom bought my a crockpot almost 2 years ago and I've only used it to bring food to potlucks. I'd been craving her pot roast so I decided to make it myself. Mmmm I'm glad I did! I came home and the house smelled so good. The asparagas was perfect and the red mashed potatoes turned out good too. Most of all I was super proud of myself that I made gravy and Anthony liked it a lot too!

Monday, March 8

More Statue Dog

We took Hurley for a walk and he was a statue dog again. It's the perfect time to take pictures of him (except here he was looking at Anthony like he was saying save me) or to love him because he stays so calm. He's a weirdo dog but I still love him!

Sunday, March 7

Pancake Breakfast

I woke up today and decided pancakes sounded really good. Anthony and I both like going out for breakfast but we always wake up too late on Sundays to go anywhere since it gets so crowded early. I looked and decided to make my own! They turned out really yummy and had bacon too.

Saturday, March 6


Today I got some much needed crafting time in to make some birthday cards for P365 friends! I was able to use my new Stamping Solutions cartridge. I realized I haven't made cards in awhile and I really enjoyed it!

Friday, March 5

Sleepy Head

So I enjoy sleep...I have no problem going to sleep by 10 or 11 on weekends. Anthony always gets mad because I fall asleep if we're watching a movie or catching up on our shows. Tonight though he was asleep in the chair way before me! I was shocked. Hurley cuddled up by the chair next to him and it was so weird to be the only one awake! Unfortunately he heard me turn my camera on and wasn't too happy that I was taking pictures of him!

Thursday, March 4

More Mason..

Today Mason found his thumb! My mom sent me this picture and it just melted my heart. There are others of him with Jessica (which she would kill me for posting) and its so cool to see them together. It turns out he is definitely her child, he can sleep anywhere and through anything! They are very thankful they don't have a light sleeper baby.

Wednesday, March 3

My Precious Nephew

I get pictures every few days from my mom and sister and Mason just melts my heart! I think he looks like such an angel here and I want to be there so much! I want to smoosh his little cheeks. I didn't have anything interesting to photograph today so I was excited to see they sent me a good one of him!

Tuesday, March 2

Mmm Oatmeal

I found this brand of oatmeal that I looooove several years ago when I was at Costco. After a good year of eating everyday I saw that Costco didn't carry it and I was really bummed. For one of my housewarming gifts, my mom actually contacted the company and ordered me a case so I'm set for years with oatmeal! It always reminds me of her when I have it.

Monday, March 1

More Hurley Bug

When I was tucking Hurley into bed I realized I hadn't taken my POTD! He was sleepy so I thought I'd try for a picture and he actually looked at me. I know he probably gets boring but oh well!