Sunday, January 31

PF Changs

It was a friend's birthday today so we went with her and some other friends to PF Changs. I absolutely love it there! Anthony is never too enthused to go there so I was excited that we couldn't say no. It was fun talking with everyone and reliving some fun we had in high school...The weekend was very low key so it was nice to get out of the house.

Saturday, January 30

More Hurley

Today was a relaxing day and even though I wanted to get a bunch accomplished - I didn't. We went to a new Mexican place with my parents and it was yummy. We planned to see Sherlock Holmes but it didn't start until 10:35 and we were finished with dinner at 8:20. We decided to rent the Office and get started on the 2nd season. Hurley was laying so nicely with his bone I decided I take some pictures of him.

Friday, January 29


My friend had her dog, Raj, put down today. I decided to bring her a card, flowers, and ice cream. A few years ago we had to go through the same thing and she took me out to dinner and really helped cheer me up. My brother also rescued a puppy from a friend today and I thought what better to help cheer her up! I brought him down with me and we played with him for awhile. She seemed to be okay and I hope my little gifts helped.

Thursday, January 28

My Hurley Bug

My good friend called tonight to let me know they were going to have to put down their family dog. His name is Raj and he's a wheaten terrier/cocker spaniel mix. I've been saying for years that I want to clone him because he's such a sweet boy. I'm really sad for my friend and her family and when I got home I gave Hurley an extra long hug. I decided to spend some extra time with him tonight working on his staying for class on Sat. I'm very thankful for Hurley and the joy he's brought to my life.

Wednesday, January 27

Project Life Kit

Finally my picture with my P365 kit!! I was so excited this morning when I saw Fed Ex updated the status to out for delivery. I had a really stressful, long day (went in 30 minutes early, didn't take a lunch, and was nonstop ALL day) so it was very nice to come home to it! I ripped it open and started assembling it. I'm very excited to get printing pictures and putting it together!

Tuesday, January 26


Naturally my hair is super curly/wavy/frizzy...I never wear it natural EVER! About a year ago I started getting better at curling my hair and having it stay for an entire day. Today it looked nicely curled until I got home at 8:30 and I love days that it does that! I know this picture doesn't show it but I liked it...Something different!

Monday, January 25

Pampered Chef

My mom can be a little forgetful. When I got to her house today she said she found a Christmas present that she had forgotten about. I was really excited to see a big pampered chef box! My mom cooks a lot and has every kitchen gadget imaginable...I often have to borrow stuff from her and usually its because whatever I have isn't the right size that I need. I never thought I'd enjoy getting kitchen stuff for gifts, but I really do like it!

Sunday, January 24

Crafty day, finally!

A friend is getting married in May and today we met with her mom and our mutual friend to discuss invitations for the wedding, shower, and bachelorette party. We spent about an hour in Joann's then came back to my house to make up some mock ideas. Her colors are Tiffany blue, black, and white. I think everything is going to turn out beautiful! I'm also making her a guest book as my gift to her.
In other news, my sister and brother in law decided on a name for the baby....Next month I will have a nephew named Mason! She wants his name in the nursery so I got these letters today at Joann's to decorate to match his bedding.

My own desk!

I've been working at Everest for a year now and I've always shared a desk with my coworker. When I get in, she leaves to a small desk in a totally different area. It's always really sucked because neither of us could really make it our own and I hated that she'd be away from the rest of us. Friday was another girls last day so I took her desk and I moved in this morning. It feels really nice to be able to move things around and really move into my own space.

Friday, January 22

I'm with Coco

I've been watching Conan O'Brien for a long time now...I was so happy when he took over the Tonight Show since he'd be on earlier. Tonight was his last show and I was super sad. I just hope he gets a show somewhere else. I couldn't get a good picture of the actual TV with the show so I decided I would use one from Google. I think Conan is extremely funny as well as smart which makes him really entertaining to watch. The only good out of this is that I won't stay up late watching him!

Thursday, January 21

A Nice Surprise

I got a call from one of the receptionists at work that she had something for me at the front. I was a little confused, it's not my birthday, nowhere near our anniversary, and too early for Valentine's day. Turns out it was a yummy Edible Arrangement from my sister in MN. She wanted to thank me for taking the trip up for her baby shower. It was a wonderful surprise to get a work and was a very yummy dessert for Anthony and me.

Wednesday, January 20

My Crazy Boyfriend

I'll start by saying Hurley now knows the camera and does not like it one bit! He was cuddling by me on the couch and I wanted to get a cute picture of him. He started barking at the camera! So Anthony decided to make this lovely face and I told him to serve him right, it's going to my picture for the day. So here is my crazy boyfriend and stubborn dog!

Tuesday, January 19

Interesting Day at Work

I'm learning that bomb threats aren't too uncommon at my work, unfortunately. There was one a few months ago but it was a Friday after I had already left. Today there was one called in 4 times from the same person from a phone line at our work. They had the police there in the morning, searched, didn't find anything so nothing happened. It was called in again, police came back, evacuated the building, and I spent an hour in my car in the parking lot. They started to let people back in only to send everyone out and home. I get in at 11, evacuated at 12, and sent home at 1. I was so excited to have a nice day off to clean up around the house but my boss called to say we'd reopen at 3. I came into a near empty office and got to leave at 6:30 instead of 8. Phew, it was a tiring day even though I couldn't get anything accomplished, at work or home! This is the empty parking lot when I got back to work. There was extra security outside so I didn't want to get too into taking the picture, I'd hate for anything to think it was suspicious or something! :)

Monday, January 18

Rainy Day

I love the rain!! We don't get it very often so I really try to enjoy it when we do! It makes it really hard to go to work when it does rain because I want to be at home bundled up or scrapbooking with the window open. This is out my car window looking at my parents front yard. It's suppose to rain all week so hopefully it keeps up!

Sunday, January 17

Sparkly Flats

Today I went shoe shopping for work. I wanted to get some new black heels and some black comfy shoes that I can wear too. I've been looking at these sparkly flats at Target for, no exaggeration, probably over a year. I've tried them on a million times and for whatever reason I never could justify spending the $13 on them. Finally I caved and bought them and I'm excited to go to work in comfy shoes to work tomorrow! I didn't find any heels so I guess I'll have happy feet for the week.

Saturday, January 16

The Papsan Chair

I bought Anthony a papsan chair for Christmas. He fell in love with my sister's when we were in MN over the summer. I didn't realize how much use it would get! Today I took a 2 hour nap in it and slept like a baby. Anthony took a little nap while we were waiting for our friends to come over. Samantha later tipped over in it and then fell asleep. Then when she moved to the couch Andrew sat in it and fell asleep! It is really comfy and I'm glad it was a good gift!

Friday, January 15

Those puppy eyes

I came home a few hours early from work since I'm still not feeling great. Hurley was super excited that I was home so early. Usually he is quite crazy when we get home but he wasn't going as nuts as usual. It also usually takes him awhile to calm down but he relaxed and cuddled up with me for a nap. It's almost like he knows I'm not feeling good. Tomorrow we start our advanced class through Petsmart so I wanted to make sure he's still good at the basics so I was holding his bone for awhile. He's so good at giving this puppy face that melts my heart!

Thursday, January 14

Mmmm Soup

I woke up feeling even worse than yesterday. Thankfully my mom still likes to take care of me when I'm sick. She did some running around for me that I had planned to do before work and she got chicken noodle soup for me which was ready when I walked through the door. Even though I'm not feeling the greatest, I'm thankful I have an amazing mom who's there for me.

Wednesday, January 13

My MN Trip...

Today was back to reality and going back to work. I woke up feeling sick and progressively got worse throughout the day. Things at work have been getting worse for many reasons and I came back to find out that one of my coworkers is leaving and my boss got a promotion. This is Harold...He's a warrior from Hawaii that takes away evil spirits. I told him that I think in the coming weeks I will definitely need his help getting the negative energy out of my office. :)

We managed to get all the baby's clothes washed and put away. We helped organize the nursery as much as we could so that my sister felt like the nursery was in order. We made a shopping list of what was left to buy so she'd know what was left. She did an awesome job painting and choosing the bedding.

I couldn't believe the harbor (Lake Superior) was completely frozen in the mornings. This is after it snowed so it looked even more amazing. I also couldn't believe the ice all along the shore from the waves breaking the ice up each day. My mom and I were usually the only ones that got out to go by the lake because it was cold! But I really wanted to get some good pictures of the MN winter!

My sister and I really hoped it would snow while we were there so we could see real snow. We got our wish! It snowed for several hours and we decided to go for a walk in it. This is a picture down her street...It looked amazing. The street was covered in no time. I'm so glad we got to see it snow.

My sister's shower was really fun. She has a lot of people who really care about her there and it was nice meeting everyone. I took over 140 pictures of her opening gifts (there were lots of them!) and I absolutely love this one. Her smile is very "Jessica". I'm so glad we were there to celebrate the day with her.

My brother in law took me for a short snowmobile ride down their street. This is their front yard that was so pretty until we left the tracks. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was with the snow on it.

My brother in law told my sister they were picking up his brother from the airport so she waited in the car for them. We snuck up behind her to surprise her and she was shocked! She just stared at us out the window and we had to open the door to hug her. The look on her face was priceless!

This is a terrible picture...I ended up staying at my parents house because we had to leave by 6:00am for the airport and I don't do mornings as it is. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV and woke up at 11 trying to figure out what to take a picture of. I totally forgot the night before was my bags but oh well.

Tuesday, January 5


I'm the world's worst packer. I either bring way too much or way too little. Weekend trips to places I've been are usually okay...But I've never been in snow, never been in below 0 temps, so packing really sucks. I wanted to get it finished tonight but Biggest Loser was on and I couldn't miss it. So I just threw everything that I think I need in my suitcase and tomorrow night I'll be on a time crunch and I'll be forced to make decisions. I just hope I bring the essentials I need to stay warm.

Monday, January 4

Mmmm Ice Cream

So ice cream runs in my blood....My dad loves ice cream, my siblings love ice cream, and so do I. We usually go to Dairy Queen on Sunday nights but last night we were busy shopping so we went tonight instead. MmmmMMmmm. We bring Hurley with us and I love watching him in the car with his ears flying out the window. Not an exciting pic I know but ice cream is something I love very much. :)

Sunday, January 3

The Dog Park

For a few weeks I was taking Hurley to the dog park every Sunday. Things got busy and we haven't been for awhile so he was excited when we got there. My mom meets me there and we usually spend at least an hour there talking and just watching the dogs. Hurley laid under our bench and would only walk 5 feet away from us and if another dog smelled him he'd hide under the bench again. It's so funny because at Petsmart he wants to play with every dog but when he's free he doesn't want to. My mom and I ended up walking around and he finally went off and played. He sat in front of me for awhile looking out to the other dogs wanting to go play but wouldn't. I find it very relaxing there so I'm going to try to make it a weekly thing to go.

Saturday, January 2


Tonight we had some friends over to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts. Since we've gone out the past few nights I told them I'd make dinner. It made me realize how much I like entertaining and cooking. Since I don't get off work until 8 I never cook during the week. Anthony will make simple things or I'll make something big on Sunday to have for the week. I had so much fun grocery shopping, cleaning up, setting the table, and getting ready to have people over. I figured it'd be a good picture to have to remind me how much I love doing this and that I need to do this more often in 2010!

Friday, January 1

Our Little Family

I figured the first pictures of the year should be of our family. Anthony and I brought in the new year by going to dinner with my parents, sister, and brother in law. After we went to my sister's and watched America's Funniest Home Videos and Jersey Shore (I know such a dumb show but so addicting!). Happy New Year everyone!