Thursday, May 27

The Note

Tonight I took pictures of everything still in place from the proposal on Friday...This is the first note I found on our bathroom mirror. He put it there because the first thing I do when I get home is get into comfy clothes and I have to go through the bathroom for the closet. The surprise of it still hasn't faded and I'm so excited I have his notes that he wrote to keep and scrapbook!

Wednesday, May 26


I found a photographer in Hawaii that I really like! It's a husband and wife team and I emailed them for information. :)

Monday, May 24

It's a Girl!!!!

Today my sister got her ultrasound and found out it's a girl!! I love Mason to pieces but I'm so excited for pink and ruffles!

Sunday, May 23

Goodbye Lost!

Tonight was the series finale...I'm so sad there won't be anymore shows but a little relieved to have some answers!

Saturday, May 22


My sister and brother in law bought a new house so my mom and I helped pack today! Stairs=no fun!

Friday, May 21

We're Engaged!!!

Tonight was one of the greatest nights of my life...Anthony set up a scavanger hunt through the house that ended with him on one knee. 6 years and 6 days ago I fell in love with my best friend and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

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Monday, April 19

Saying Goodbye

Tonight I had to say goodbye to Jess, Todd, and Mason. It was awful!! I left before everyone else and only cried a bit while I was there. I bawled the whole way home though. I never realized how much you can love a baby in such a short time and how hard it is to say goodbye. They will be back in June and I'm already looking forward to that!

Photoshoot Day!

Today I took the day off to spend with Jessica, Todd, and Mason. We went out for a yummy breakfast, got pedicures, and my friend Bethany came to my parents house to do pictures of them. We were all so excited with how great they came out and can't wait to do the next set of pictures when he's back!

Saturday, April 17

New Position??

I've been working with a supervisor in another department at work about an opening she has. Today it officially posted and I was finally able to apply for it. Although it's not official yet, it sounds like I got it. I hope next week I get to have a celebration!

Thursday, April 15


Today was the worst. I felt terrible all day and it was an important day at work so I had to go.

Wednesday, April 14


Tonight we went to the first playoff game for the Coyotes vs Redwings. We won!!! It was a fun game but I wasn't feeling very well and it's not easy to go to a hockey game and not be able to yell. I'm really glad we got tickets!

Monday, April 12

More sleepy time

Today I went with Jessica and Mason to pick up the photographs from my friend. Mason slept lots and I was glad to get in more cuddle time!

Sunday, April 11

Another Niece or Nephew on the Way!

Today we went to my mom's to hang out. I was with my mom and 2 sisters going through some old clothes when Gretchen (my oldest sister) gave my mom and envelope. I thought it was weird and my mom started screaming...Turns out she is 3 1/2 months pregnant and gave her this card. We were all so excited and couldn't believe it! She went to the doctor and they may have heard two heartbeats! She's due 10-10-10 and I'm so excited that I will soon have a niece/nephew that lives right now the street!

Saturday, April 10

Meet Mason Party

Today was the Meet Mason Party and it was a total success! He slept through most of it which was nice because everyone could pass him around. I made this banner for it and matched the colors of his room so Jessica took it home to hang up as well.

Thursday, April 8

Happy Boy

Mason really loves the stroller! This is my favorite outfit of his...Its a cut off tee and basketball shorts and he looks so stinken cute!

Wednesday, April 7

Cuddle Time

I know its blurry but this is my favorite time with Mason. He's so cuddly and sleeps like a rock so it was so great to have him cuddle up with me a just sleep.

Tuesday, April 6

Strollin Around

My mom and I found a really nice Jeep stroller at a yard sale. Today they went for a walk with Mason and he loved it!

Monday, April 5

Happy Hurley

Tonight we didn't go to my mom's to see Mason and Hurley was happy! I feel bad that we've been leaving him so much but we took him for an extra long walk to make up for it.

Sunday, April 4

Happy Easter!!

Mason had two Easter outfits, both with fuzzy bunny tails and bunny feetys. He looked so cute but his dad thought they were too girly! We had a really great day with both our families. I just wish it didn't go by so fast!

Here are the shots I turned in for my latest photography assignment...we had to do shots of one subject and do adjustments in photoshop. I had a hard time because I didn't want to make drastic adjustments because Mason's perfect the way he is! I'd love your honest feedback as always!